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Tuesday, December 18 2018 @ 03:17 PM PST

heading problem

GeekLogThe Chirrick heading is white letters on a white background so i can't read it. The blue banner is a nice shade and I can read the white letters of 'My family and yours.'
I'm looking forward to learning how to do all this too!
Thanks for the opportunity dear Bill!!

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Authored by: Admin on Wednesday, January 25 2006 @ 10:19 PM PST heading problem

It looks fine to me.

Here is a screenshot.
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Iím on the www.chirrick.com site right now. I figured out I didnít forget my password, I forgot my user ID. I signed on as Mom instead of the normal dchirrick! Now itís all on my password list that I carry around so no need to reset anything.
Once I signed on I can see my post on the geek log. Next time Iíll know that the remarks wait for your approval.
The screenshot you sent looks perfect. Great idea putting all the names like that. The geeklog.net site doesnít have the same problem as the Chirrick site.
I just copied above words from an email response to a post here.... it's different posting messages!

Love & prayers,
Mom, Diane, etc.

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Dad just saw your site and suggests adding Jones and Baughman names. Jones was his Mother's maiden name and Baughman were his Grandmother's maiden names. Maybe some day we can up ancestry information on the website.
I asked Dad if he had anything else to say. He excitedly said "I got a truck". He did....different then normal..a new one!

Love & prayers,
Mom, Diane, etc.
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